Tantra Denver

shiva-and-shakti-grey-dancing.jpgWant to learn the sacred art of Tantra? We teach Tantra from the tenants of its original design: to awaken the vibrant, spiritual life force within us. Many people teach Tantra. But Tantra is much more than just a lesson in sexuality; it is a way of living in which we come to acknowledge the spiritual force behind all things. Like a sapling, we pierce through the hard earth of our old perceptions to blossom into a state of unified self-awareness. From here, we can exist in our most dynamic, creative, and connected form.


Tantra Colorado & Tantra Denver offer a variety of workshops in the Denver area. Our vision is to connect with other spiritually minded souls to awaken the cosmic intelligence within each of us. In our workshops we interact with the sacred techniques and practices springing from the ancient Indian tradition of Tantra.


Our workshops are led by Swami Sivajnanam, a longtime practitioner and teacher of Tantra who has been living in India the past 6 years. He comes from the saraswati tradition, a spiritual sect of Hinduism that is devoted to knowledge, wisdom, and self-realization. Join us for one of our workshops and discover the potential of your inner spirit!


Yoga Denver

Most people associate yoga with the postures of the yogic tradition. But this is only a fraction of the total body of the yogic system. Yoga includes a variety of practices in philosophies including meditation techniques, movements, breathing practices, introspective views, and other esoteric techniques. How does tantra relate to yoga? Tantra is the mystical form of yoga which involves practices revolving around the creation of new energy within the body and mind which stimulate the movements towards spiritual awakening.


There are many forms of yoga Denver. Yoga in Denver includes a variety of different schools of thought that address the yoga postures including Iynegar Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Core Power, and others of the liking. Few of the schools that teach yoga in Denver including private studios and health gyms offer classes into the more spiritual aspects of yoga. The ones that do typically focus on ideas originating from the Patanjali Yoga Sutra. But this is only one system of thought. We also see a growing number of schools that teach from the Hatha yoga philosophy, which takes root from the Patanjali System, the Vedic tradition of yoga, and other offshoots of yoga which incorporates more modern philosophies and Western sciences.


Tantra as a form of yoga is significantly different than most other forms of yoga. Tantra is one of the few forms of yoga from, a traditional sense, that accepts all features of life as aspects of the divine creation. In tantra, there is no concept of good or evil. Instead, the tantric practitioner is trained to see the divine in all things. As a practitioner of tantra, we learn how to elevate our minds to interact with all things within our world in a spiritual, compassionate, and loving state of connection.


Come join us for tantra yoga Denver and see how tantra can teach you more about who you are as a soul embodied upon this earth. Our classes will take you into the hidden dimensions of your soul, guiding you towards the awakening of your greater spiritual consciousness.


Denver massage?


Is there a relationship between massage and tantra? If so where does this connection come from?


The truth is, tantra and massage have nothing in common with one another. Part of the purpose of this website is to dispel general myths about tantra. So where did this misconception come from? Though this isn't a very scholarly investigation of the topic, the relationship between tantra and massage likely originated from the idea that tantra is a sexual practice. The most famous text of tantra that is known in the West is the Kama Sutra. Kama essentially means desire. Sutra means text or doctrine. So the Kama Sutra was a text about desire.


But the way that tantra addresses desire is quite distinct from the Western definition of desire. For the tantric practitioner, there are two types of desires. One type of desire stems from basic needs which are generally considered as animalistic tendencies or behaviors. This is our drive towards food, sex, and shelter. The other form of desire is one that originates from an impulse towards the spiritual dimension of life. This form of desire leads towards liberation.


Those who practice tantra use the taboo like behaviors of sex, drinking, erratic behavior, and other socially awkward behaviors or private activities to awaken the inner energy known as kundalini. Kundalini is a force within the body that originates from a cosmic force. It is, in essence, our unifying link to the eternal facet of the universe. For most people, kundalini sleeps dormant within the base of the spine sitting at the root chakra. When kundalini remains in its dormant state, the human mind and body function within the parameters of the every day human experience. But, when kundalini is awakened, expansion of the mental and physical body occurs.


So how did massage, or tantric massage, become such a popular form of sensual interaction? Although we started this section stating that tantra and massage have nothing in common, we could perhaps investigate this further now that we know what tantra is really about.


When people speak of massage, they typically think of using touch as a means to stimulate or soothe different ailments within the body. But, when we speak of tantric massage, we are actually talking about something entirely different. While the basic tools are the same, Tantric massage, or the physical touch between two human beings, is actually focused around the energetic touch between two human beings. In yoga, we say that each individual is surrounded by an energy field known as an aura. When two auras come near to each other the energies between the two begin to interact.


When two individuals come into contact with each other with the intention of heightening each other's spiritual energies, then the interaction between the two individuals creates a spiritual enrichment within each of them. If the interaction is done through the coming together of two spiritually sensitive souls, then the two souls may, momentarily, fuse into one unified energy field.


This is actually happening all the time. When we shake hands with one another, or sit next to one another, or snuggle in a couch together, our energy fields are interacting with each other's. If you're not acting with spiritual intent, the most intimate energy interaction that you will have with another individual is through the act of sex, because it is through Saks that we unify with one another.


So what is Tantric massage? Tantric massage is a technique through which to individuals can begin to merge each other's energy fields to stimulate and encourage spiritual upliftment and enlightenment. With this intention in mind, there is in fact a Tantric massage, but it is something entirely different than what most people think of when they first hear the words tantra and massage in relationship to one another.


Now that you know this, you can begin to see how tantra can use the touch of energy to create spiritual change. This form of massage, or touch, is not designed to create sexual arousal. Nor is it a tool for treating symptoms within the body. Instead, Tantric massage is a powerful tool for awakening the spiritual life when practiced correctly, with the right intentions and spiritual focus.


Ayurveda, Tantra, and Yoga


The triad of the spiritual tradition of India includes the practice of yoga, ayurveda, and tantra. Together, these three helped create a holistic state of health, spiritual connection, and total mind-body wellness. If we approach each of these starting from the most physical aspect of her body and work towards the most spiritual, we would most likely make the ascent from ayurveda to yoga to tantra. As a system, ayurveda is employed as a means to help the body achieve a state of wellness that is in harmony with the functions of the mind and the spirit. Most ayurveda practices involves therapeutic techniques that help to bring the body into a state of equilibrium.


Yoga is next on our list. It involves techniques and practices as well as philosophical ideas that are used with the intention of elevating the mind and body towards spiritual state of being. Yogic practices such as breathing techniques, meditation, visualizations, daily intentions, and specific outlines of thinking, are practiced to align life with the spiritual dimension of reality. Through a regular and consistent yogic practice, we can help the mind and body achieve their full potential.


Tantra is last on our list because the practices used within tantra involve rigorous techniques that are designed with the intent of awakening the mind to the hidden cosmic consciousness that rests behind every part of the universe. This state of awakening is known generally as enlightenment. Typically speaking, people who practice tantra are looking to transform their lives after they have brought the mind and body into a state of balance. This balanced state is necessary because without it, a pursuit of spiritual awakening cannot be accomplished and can in fact be dangerous.


Together, ayurveda, yoga, and tantra, form a triad that help to achieve a state of total refinement within the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda will help us keep the body healthy and clean. Yoga will help us manage the energies behind the body and the mind, and use these energies towards spiritual growth. Tantra, will give us the flexibility and potency to unlock the perception of reality that sees all things as unified and connected.